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Fundranker Blog—Upcoming Fidelity Fund Name Changes

Upcoming Fidelity Fund Name Changes

Fidelity Investments will change the names of two Select funds as of January 1, 2016. Select Software & Computer Services (FSCSX) will become Select Software & IT Services. Select Medical Delivery (FSHCX) will become Select Health Care Services. The ticker symbols for the funds will not change. Fidelity Select Fundranker will note these changes in its January 2016 issue.

In particular, because the funds do not officially change names until January 1, 2016, our December 31 ratings and performance pages included in the January 2016 issue will not reflect the new names. However, if either of the funds are listed in the January 2016 Top Eight Model Portfolio or in exchanges for January 2016, the new names will be reflected. Beginning with our February 2016 issue, the new names will be used throughout the issue.

Historical information prior to 2016 in our online newsletter archive and on our online ratings, results, and portfolio pages still will reflect the old names for these Select funds. Going forward, of course, new newsletter issues added to our online newsletter archive and new ratings, results, and portfolio pages uploaded to our website will reflect the new names.

Posted 12/6/15 10:31am ET in Fidelity Investments, Fundranker