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Fundranker Blog—FNINX, FSPFX Close Permanently

FNINX, FSPFX Close Permanently

Fidelity’s Select Networking & Infrastructure and Select Paper & Forest Products closed permanently on June 19, 2009. As of that date, Select Networking & Infrastructure was merged into Select Communications Equipment (FSDCX), while Select Paper & Forest Products was merged into Select Materials (FSDPX), both of which are in the Fundranker’s Top Eight Model Portfolio this month. Shareholders of the two closed funds were issued equivalent shares of Select Communications Equipment and Select Materials.

Select Communications Equipment is doing well so far in June, and it looks like it will remain in the Top Eight Model Portfolio for July. Select Materials has fallen out of the Top Eight Model Portfolio and most likely will be exchanged in July.

We will be updating the Fundranker website soon to reflect this change in Fidelity’s Select Fund offerings.

Posted 6/25/09 10:00am ET in Fidelity Investments, Fundranker