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Fidelity Select Fundranker takes great pride in presenting the latest data available on its results on this website. It is important to us for you to know exactly how well the Fundranker system and its Top Eight Model Portfolio are doing in the current market situation. Although you can find a lot of historical information on this website as well, we don't feel it is right to keep boasting about some great return we made three years ago or five years ago, as if that is the only criterium on which you should base a decision to subscribe to Fidelity Select Fundranker and follow the Fundranker system with your investments. It's nice to know how the Fundranker system has performed in the past, but it is also important to know how it is performing right now.

That said, it seems anticlimatic to report that as our current economic crisis has pulled the general market down significantly, the Top Eight Model Portfolio has followed it down. Because of Fundranker’s heavy weighting in energy and natural resource sectors early in the bear market that started last November, the Top Eight Model Portfolio was able to buck the downtrend through June. It even made all time highs in May and June, while the general market was declining. Since June, however, with the energy and natural resources sectors falling precipitously, and the entire market following suit, the Top Eight Model Portfolio has given it all back and then some.

Fundranker has stayed invested in the market through this difficult time and will continue to stay invested. If you are following the Fundranker system, now is not the time to capitulate and exchange your Select funds to cash. If you have stayed disciplined and fully invested up to now, in fact, this could be a particularly bad time to exchange to cash. It is quite possible that this bear market has reached its lows and now will begin to recover. If you stay fully invested, you won’t miss significant upturns. Staying fully invested repeatedly has been shown to be superior to trying to time the market and almost certainly missing some of the upturns to the detriment of your overall investment return.

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